Slipped Disc Treatment

Slipped Disc

What is a slipped disc? The disc is the jelly that is present between the bones in your spine and acts as a shock absorber When this jelly is squeezed out, it is called a slipped disc It can also be referred to as a herniated disc, prolapsed intervertebral disc or disc bulge It can […]

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Flat Foot

Symptomatic Flatfoot What are flat feet? People with flat feet, also known as collapsed arches, have either no arch in their feet or one that is very low. There is usually a gap beneath the inner part of the foot when a person stands, as the arch raises off the ground slightly. The arches provide

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HALLUX VALGUS Minimally Invasive Surgery to correct yourBunion A bunion is a common condition when the bigtoe leans toward the second toe, rather thanpointing straight ahead. Thus, causing the bigtoe to have an abnormal protrusion whichlooks as a bump. People with a flatfoot or overpronatedfoot are prone to bunions. Familyhistory is also an important factor

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Bone Tumors

Bone tumours are not that common. Most of them are non-cancerous (benign). However, some of them are cancerous (malignant).Bone cancer often occurs in children and young adults. Common signs of bone cancer may include pain, swelling, and the general feeling of being unwell. The affected bone is often weak and can easily fracture. If the

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is common. In the younger age group it can be due to dislocations and labral tears from falls and sports injuries. In cases where the dislocations are recurrent surgery to address the problem is actually very gratifying as the success rates are high and patient scan go back to their activities. Acromioclavicular and

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Sports Injuries

Most Common Sports Injuries Dealing with sports injuries also means dealing with the multiple fractures that are often sustained during sports and play. Dr. Yegappan has vast experience dealing with fractures of the upper and lower limb. These injuries are treated immediately to ensure that patients recover as quickly as possible.    Shoulder Pain Shoulder

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