Medical Concierge

Medical Concierge

CFO Medical Concierge Services

Providing support for international patients

Many patients fly in to Singapore specially to consult our doctors or for planned surgery. Once you reach out to us, CFO will assign the most appropriate staff to be your point of contact. This staff will work collaboratively with our doctors and other members of the CFO team to plan and help coordinate your visit to Singapore. Your liaison can help provide visa support letters, assist to pre-book medical investigations, furnish estimated costings or even make surgery arrangements prior to travel.

We have our own in-house Indonesian, Chinese and Filipino liaisons who can assist with translations where necessary. We can also arrange translators for other languages if required.

Where help with transport and accommodation is needed, we can also put you in touch with the hospital’s Patient Assistance Centre who can assist in these areas.

You can count on CFO for post visit support as well. Once international patients have returned to their home country, we can arrange follow up consultations with our doctor via tele-consult. Detailed medical reports and instructions will be documented for easy transition to a local doctor or physiotherapist for follow up care. Where appropriate, CFO can also make arrangements to courier medications over to you.