At CFO, we endeavour to provide you with a detailed cost estimate before any planned admission for surgery. The costs of your admission and surgery depend on your medical condition and what surgery you are planning to undergo. The CFO staff tasked to assist you in your surgery arrangements will also be able to assist and provide general advice in this area. Specific information pertaining to your insurance coverage may require you to speak to your HR or insurance advisor. We will be happy to advise and guide you along the way.


All CFO doctors are MediSave accredited which means you will be able to use MediSave to help pay for some of your hospitalization / surgery costs.

Integrated Shield Plans

We are also on the specialist panels of most major integrated shield insurers that have curated a panel of private medical specialists. By choosing a specialist on your insurer’s panel, you can often enjoy a myriad of augmented benefits from your policy such as pre-approval assurance for your hospitalization bill and cashless admission. Nevertheless, withdrawal limits, out-of-pocket expenses, exclusions and direct billing arrangements will depend on your personal IP plan. Please speak with us or your insurance advisor for more information.

Corporate Insurance

CFO sits on the panels of many corporate insurers that provide both outpatient and inpatient coverage. Coverage limits, co-payment arrangements, referral processes and direct billing arrangements will depend on the insurance plan that your HR has covered you with. Do speak with us or your HR colleagues for more information.

International Insurance Plans

If you do not reside in Singapore but have an insurance plan that covers you internationally, it may be possible for CFO to make direct billing arrangements with your insurer if they are willing to provide us with a Letter of Guarantee (LOG). Alternatively, you may choose to pay upfront for your treatment and then seek reimbursement directly with your insurer. Let us know if you have an international insurance plan.

Kindly present your corporate/private insurance card upon registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Shield Plans – Most IP plans do provide coverage prior to and after hospitalization. Do check with your insurer for details of your plan.

Corporate Insurance – Some corporate insurance plans are only extended to GP visits. However, many do cover specialist visits. Please show us your insurance card in order for us to advise you further.

Most corporate insurers require a referral letter from your company or insurance-appointed GP although some do not make this mandatory. Please furnish us with your corporate insurance card for us to advise you further.

Yes, we will need both your identification card as well as your insurance card for registration and verification purposes.

This depends on your corporate insurance plan and may be stated on your insurance card. Co-payments, if required, are usually in the range of 10%-20%. Some may be slightly higher.

It depends on your insurance coverage. Medications to treat your symptoms are often covered but supplements are usually not. You will be required to pay for medications that are not covered by your insurer.

Usually yes, but within a specified limit. If we anticipate the charges to be above the limit, we can try to help you to obtain a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) to help cover the cost. However, approval is up to your insurer. We can help you to ascertain coverage confirmation before proceeding for the medical investigation, if preferred.

This varies from insurer to insurer. Please check with your HR or insurer for your specific coverage.

This depends on your corporate insurer. We can help you to obtain a LOG from your company insurer and advise you on the coverage, if any.

Yes, our doctors can help prepare a medical report for your claim submission.

CFO staff can help you to obtain a LOG for your hospitalization unless your insurance company requires you to obtain it personally. In such cases, we will provide you with the estimated charges to assist in your submission to your insurer.