What is Xbrace?

Xbrace is a load-assisted device designed to provide support for people with knee weakness. Many people suffer from weak knee muscles due to ageing or old knee injuries.  Of the muscles that support the knee, the quadricep muscles in the front of the thigh are especially affected. The quadriceps are critical for walking, stair-climbing, and standing from a seated position. Even with physiotherapy, many patients find it difficult to walk as the quadricep muscles take time to recover. Current braces in the market do not support the needs of people with knee weakness. While most braces are focused on stabilising side-to-side knee movements, these do not give enough support for daily activities like stair-climbing and standing up. The X-brace was specifically designed to fill this void by providing patients the true amount of support they need for day-to-day life. For patients with weak knee muscles, Xbrace helps to build confidence and quality of life by improving knee stability and range of motion.

Each individual may experience variable benefits.

The Xbrace is not intended to wholly support the wearer’s weight.  One still needs to consult with their healthcare professional for adjustment of the brace support to fit one’s needs. As such, users will still be relying on their own leg muscles when walking, helping to keep the muscles engaged and maximising the benefits of the Xbrace.

 Xbrace has a modular spring design that allows adjustment of the spring load, as required.

The spring load can be reduced according to the rate of recovery of the user. As the user’s leg muscles strengthen, he/she should require less support.

Do refer to your certified healthcare professional for prescription of Xbrace as some patients may not be suitable candidates for the brace.

Why Xbrace?

People who have osteoarthritis or previous knee injuries are often unable to fully activate their quadricep muscles. This problem is known as AMI – arthrogenic muscle inhibition. AMI is also common in post-operative patients that have undergone knee operations, such as knee replacement surgery. Quadricep muscle weakness before and after surgery can persist in the long-term. This leads to less-than-desirable outcomes where patients suffer from poor knee function, prolonged rehabilitation, and poor quality of life. Hence, the Xbrace was developed with a proprietary ergonomic design to best assist patients in their rehabilitation.

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