Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is common. In the younger age group it can be due to dislocations and labral tears from falls and sports injuries. In cases where the dislocations are recurrent surgery to address the problem is actually very gratifying as the success rates are high and patient scan go back to their activities.

Acromioclavicular and clavicle injuries are also common from falls and cycling injuries. The internal fixation of clavicle fractures allows quicker return to sports and prevents deformities. Some the acromioclavicular injuries need surgery.

Rotator cuff injuries are extremely common as we age. The most common symptom is still pain and weakness is a late feature. Patients are usually very troubled by the pain and the limitations of their activities of daily living. Arthroscopic repair of these tears nowadays has very good outcomes and patients can continue to be active and return to all sports.


Shoulder Pain

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